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Pet Care Services

  • Pet Sitting:  Snoopie Poopie Pet Care offers pet sitting in the comfort of your own home.  Pets stay in their normal routines in order to alleviate stress.  I will come to your home as many times as you like to feed, walk, play with, brush, pet, change litter.  Whatever it is you normally do in a day, I will do.

  • Dog Walking:  Do you have an active dog that gets into trouble if you are not home?  Do you work long hours and don't have time to walk the dog?  Do you have a new puppy that can not hold his bladder long?  If so, our dog walking services are perfect for you.

  • Pet Taxi: We can transport your pets to their vet appointment, groomer appointment, doggy day care, boarding facility, training session...anywhere you want us to take them.

Prices start as low as $10.  Please call today to book your customized service plan.  Call 972-977-9049 or Click Here.