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Hello, my name is Diane Palet, proprietor of Snoopie-Poopie Pet Care. I have resided in the Dallas area for over 30 years. I was blessed to be able to be a domestic goddess, aka stay at home mom, until my son reached his growth plate, i.e. graduated from high school.  I encountered spare time and pondered about what I really would like to accomplish.  Since childhood, I have always had a immediate concern to serve and take care of others, this extends to 2 legged and 4 legged beings. My mom always thought I was headed for nursing school, but I had great difficulty with the acceptance that numbers really matter? LOL!  Anyway, so I decided to go the 4 legged route. I wake up every morning with the desire to make everyone’s babies happy, contented, and sprinkled with unconditional love. I would take great honor in allowing me to render my services to assist you in the following areas;

1.)     Pet Walking
2.)     Pet Feeding
3.)     Pet Med’s Dispensing
4.)     Pet Sitting
5.)     Pet Pampering – Extra attention, walking, playing, and brushing
6.)      Pet Taxi –  Groomer’s & Veterinarian visits

For those people with a hectic schedule, traveling, last minute meetings, or can’t get out for lunch to walk your cherub….Do not fear, Diane is here!  Your guilt will be set free!

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